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Review of Dirt Devil QuickFlip BD30025B Vacuum Cleaner

If you are having a hard time deciding “what are the best vacuum cleaners”, why don’t you take a quick look at the Dirt Devil QuickFlip BD30025B vacuum cleaner review below?

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The Dirt Devil QuickFlip BD30025B vacuum is a perfect balance between being compact, lightweight, and portable. These are the properties that you should be looking for among handheld vacuums. Because of the convenience of the smart design, this vacuum will never feel heavy. Plus, with it being powered and running entirely on a battery rather than a power cord, the vacuum cleaner gives you total freedom in mobility.

This means you can take the vacuum cleaner with you anywhere, from a simple weekend camping trip to faraway vacations. Wherever you take it, the vacuum will always be ready to serve your purposes with the best quality and performance. However, that is not to say that this is a totally perfect vacuum. There are reasons why this cannot replace a full-sized vacuum. These are the drawbacks that you should be aware of if you are going to purchase this.

The first obvious drawback is that because this is a handheld vacuum, the dustbin is not very generous in terms of capacity. Because of this limited space, you will often find yourself having to stop midway to empty the dustbin so that you can continue cleaning--and that is just for small tasks like cleaning a room. You can already imagine how much more effort it would take to handle larger cleaning tasks.


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The battery life of the machine is also quite ineffective, as the battery can support only up to 30 minutes of continuous running time before taking 6 hours to become fully recharged. So, if you are planning to take it with you on a road trip, you will find yourself constantly having to find a power outlet to recharge it despite it’s being a cordless vacuum cleaner. This might seem trivial at first if you use the vacuum only sparingly, but it will get annoying really fast.

Another downside of this vacuum cleaner is that its suction power is not the greatest among good vacuum cleaners. The vacuum has been reported to work decently, but it will not give you the thorough cleaning of your car and pet hair on your upholstery that you desire. However, the upside is that the vacuum seems to excel at cleaning hardwood floors and carpets, and it really shines when it comes to cleaning stairs.

The vacuum comes with a generous 3-year warranty straight out of the box. That should cover most basic needs and accidents. And while there are no FAQs online about this machine, the brand does have a reliable customer service team that you can reach with any concerns through email, phone, or direct chat.

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The Dirt Devil QuickFLip vacuum cleaner is the perfect balance of light weight and portability. While it has some limitations regarding its performance as compared to other handheld options included in the best vacuum cleaner reviews, it is still a reliable vacuum cleaner that can get the job done in no time.